2016 Grant Winners

We want to congratulate all of our grant winners for the amazing work you do for your schools and helping to empower the students in them. Here are the grant winners for 2016

School in the Woods.JPG

Jon Wuerth & Meg Zaranek

Jon and Meg won the grant for their work inWater Detectives—Experiential Biotic and Abiotic Pond Studies.

Grant amount - $1,918

The Da Vinci Academy.jpg

Ian schimmel

Ian Schimmel was awarded a grant for his work in TdVA Learning Gardens.

Grant amount - $1,645


Matt fackelman

Matt Fackelman was awarded the grant for his work in Human Interactive Virtual Experience (HIVE) Project.

Grant amount - $2,000

Liberty Lancers.png

Jennifer Dixon & Kelly Goyden

Jennifer and Kelly were awarded a grant to help assist with putting in a new DECA Store POS System.

Grant amount - $2,000